How to debug in MPS

The quickest way to start debugging in MPS is the following: We are using com.dslfoundry.plaintextgen as an example. Please be advised that in (possibly earlier) generic distribution versions of MPS, the debugger doesn’t work. You will have to really use one of the dedicated distributions (Mac, Linux, or Windows). Choose your breakpoint by clicking in … Read more

How to write a dump of an MPS model to XML based on its structure

This post has been written using material developed in JetBrains MPS 3.3.5. The example project can be found at DSLFoundry’s MPS example github repository under StructureDumpToXML. It is recommended to have this project opened while going through this howto. Suppose you want to dump a model to some simple XML format without wanting to write … Read more

How to add default to a property in a concept

This post assumes that you have an MPS with mbeddr preloaded. Go to the constraints aspect for the concept you want to add a default to a property: Create a new constraint for this concept: Press Ctrl+L and import the language com.mbeddr.mpsutil.propertydefault: Go to the property constraints and pressĀ Enter to make a new one: Choose … Read more