Welcome to DSLFoundry!

Here we create and collect tools and libraries for Domain Specific Languages (see about). You can see some of the tools on our projects page. In addition, we will post some handy tips about DSL tools now and in the posts further down this blog. Please feel free to reuse our code and if you … Read more

Itemis artifacts for MPS 2019.2 through MPS 2023.2

End of last year, itemis retired their https://projects.itemis.de/ server for JetBrains MPS usage. Instead, they introduced the https://artifacts.itemis.cloud/ server, which has a much nicer overview of all the downloadable opensource artifacts. Usually, when I want to get IETS3 (most of it for KernelF-purposes) artifacts, I can simply download everything through the dependency tree. The most … Read more

MPS technology stack, project concepts, and OpenAPI relations explained visually

While giving courses and helping colleagues, Eugen and me have noticed that it can be challenging to grasp the basic MPS project concepts and their relations. They are thoroughly explained by JetBrains here, but we often found ourselves drawing this diagram, so we decided to share it and hopefully help more people. The same holds … Read more

Connecting with Modelix MPS plugin to a model repository through a webserver that has a custom SSL certificate

If you try to connect using the Cloud tool window of Modelix to a model repository that is served through a web server that has a custom SSL certifcate (something that would be typical to a company-internal webserver), then (at least at the moment of this writing), you will get an exception from the Modelix … Read more

Using Apache Chainsaw to view the MPS log

Like most programs, MPS writes messages to a log file — lots of messages. To make sense of so many messages, it helps to use a tool that improves the visual presentation, for example: grid display: separate fields and align them nicely, like timestamp, logger, message color coding for message severity, like bright red for … Read more

MPS Extensions available as plugins on JetBrains marketplace

Let me tell you about something awesome that I have been working on with Mike Vlassiev from the JetBrains people (or rather, they have been working on it and I have done testing and provided feedback): the MPS Extensions (https://github.com/JetBrains/MPS-extensions) are now automatically made available on the JetBrains marketplace on every new MPS and MPS … Read more